If you've ever wanted in on Washington's pot industry, here's your chance. One of the first retail marijuana shops in Seattle, and one of the busiest, is now for sale.

Uncle Ike's in Seattle has teamed up with Main Street Marijuana out of Vancouver, Wash., and the pair are offering an all or nothing deal to buy both of their businesses.

That's three Uncle Ike's marijuana stores in the Seattle area, plus two Main Street Marijuana shops in Vancouver and a third in Longview.

But becoming the new owner will cost you. The price tag for all six of their pot shops? A steep $50 million.

"I think Uncle Ike's and Main Street, we both had a similar vision," said Uncle Ike's owner Ian Eisenberg. "And we both had been approached by various people invested in the industry, about doing something. So we thought it might make sense to combine forces and have a package deal where you could really dominate - you know, they're in one part of the state, we're in the other, so it might be more attractive."

Eisenberg knows the $50 million asking price is a lot of money. So does he think someone might actually be willing to pay that much for the six shops?

"They might. I mean really, it's a long-term investment," he said. "It's a fledgling industry right now because our taxes are different than any other industry. So it's kind of a long-term gamble that the taxes will eventually change."

As for what would make him consider walking away from his pot shops, Eisenberg says there are a number of factors at play.

"The way the voters voted for I-502, which created sort of a cottage industry in Washington, you had to live in Washington to be in the industry, to be a grower or processor or retailer. But there's a number of bills in Olympia this year that could change that, and allow out of state ownership in these businesses."

He's also worried about potential changes on the federal level, under a new presidential administration.

"It's possible Donald Trump could do something with pot," he said.

Eisenberg says the $50 million price tag is based on sales volume of the six stores combined. Uncle Ike's and Main Street Marijuana are the two top selling cannabis retailers in the state.

The new buyer would also get the Uncle Ike's name - love it or hate it. You may remember, the business has been heavily criticized by some, over its location in the Central District.

The stores just went on the market this week. Eisenberg says they've gotten a lot of interest in their motivations for putting the shops up for sale, but no solid offers so far.

If the price tag is too steep and no one bites, Eisenberg says that's okay with him too.

"I'm really in no desire to sell unless the price is right," he said. "I love this business. It's a lot of fun."