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This smart notebook from 'Shark Tank' is just $30

A smart, made in the USA notebook deal for the new era!

CLEVELAND, OH — Imagine being able to write something down on an infinitely reusable piece of paper and have it blasted to Dropbox, iCloud, email, Evernote or another favorite app! From drawing to flow charts, presentations, shopping lists and doodles, today it's a reality for under $30.

The ultimate smart note book for students, designers, techies, kids and parents is trending this season thanks to the PR its creators received from the TV show Shark Tank.

For all those times you want to send a flow chart, diagram, doodle, drawing, class notes, brainstorm session or important checklist to someone else, just jot it down in the Rocketbook. Moments later, you have the ability to share it to the cloud when combined with your smartphone.

When you're done, any page can simply be wiped clean with the included Rocketbook Everlast cloth. This smart notebook recreates that traditional pen and paper experience for the new age. Click the play button to watch the notebook in action.

1. Put your ideas onto the erasable 30+ pages of paper in the Rocketbook with the included magic pen.

2. Using the QR code on the pages of the notebook, a quick scan with your smartphone allows you to blast your notes to iCloud, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote or email.

3. To erase your Rocketbook, simply wipe the page clear with the included cloth and you are good to go and start again.

- Made In USA

- Infinitely reusable

- Works with both Apple and Android smartphones

- Notebook instantly blasts your ideas into the cloud

- No more wasting paper

$15 Off Rocketbook Everlast + Smart Pen + Free Shipping

Was: $45.00

Now: $29.99

***Choice of size options at check-out.

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