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This reversible smart umbrella deal is trending today

The best umbrella you will ever own!

CLEVELAND, OH — It's trending, it's smart and it's the ultimate companion the next time that rain comes pouring down.

Never have I referred to an umbrella as ingenious. In fact, umbrellas are usually a mess. A little wind and your umbrella implodes upon itself. The thin wiring and spokes often blow out of the umbrellas mesh and can easily poke someone in the eye. Plus they bring all the water and moisture right inside when you stand them up to dry.

Say goodbye to the conventional umbrella that hasn't really evolved since the year 1852! The re-imagining of the umbrella for 2018 is reversible, windproof, durable and something you have to see in action.

Click the play button to see the Swisstek Umbrella in use in the rain!

- Reversible dine sheds water before you enter your vehicle, home or office

- One-button operation opens the umbrella or closes it without any water hitting you

- Windproof and quick-dry technology makes this a one-of-a-kind

- Wet and sun layers use special sun blocking fabric and UV protection

- Extremely sturdy and highly durable

- Lightweight fiberglass skeleton stands up to strong winds

- C Grip design allows you to carry the umbrella while holding a drink or even pushing a stroller

- Lowest-recorded price today and guaranteed to be the best umbrella you own

$25 Off Swisstek Double Layer Reversible Smart Umbrella TWO Pack + Free Shipping

Was: $60.00

Now: $34.99** For two umbrellas

Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this Station, Amazon Live and others. He is not compensated by the brands featured here. This Station and its parent company may receive a share of the revenue from the site that sells the product if you purchase one of these products using the link on this page.