Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson laid out his vision for the Seattle-based coffee company in an opening speech at the Geekwire Summit.

Johnson, talking with Geekwire founder Todd Bishop at the Seattle Sheraton, raved about the potential growth in China and mobile apps.

Johnson, who took over the company from Howard Schultz earlier this year, says Starbucks plans on continued growth in China. He told Bishop there are currently 2,800 stores in China, and the company could build stores there "for decades."

He claimed that 50 percent of Chinese consumers are also using their Starbucks App for ordering, which is higher than the U.S. rate of 30 percent.

The Starbucks CEO also says the 'Roastery' concept, described by Bishop as the "Willy Wonka of Coffee," is a success. The first one was built on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Johnson says the company has four more Roasteries in the works around the world.

The Geekwire Summit is an annual event in downtown Seattle which draws tech and company executives from around the country.