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Seattle nonprofit Mary's Place helps unhoused families get stimulus checks

"We know this is not going to pull people out of poverty, but it's going to help them for today and tomorrow."

SEATTLE — As many Americans wait for their stimulus payments to appear in their bank accounts, non-profits are helping those experiencing homelessness to receive checks. 

Kara Bovee and her family are facing tough times.

”You know, not having an income, we weren't able to pay for gas,” Bovee said.

Her husband lost his job recently and expenses piled up – especially with five children. Their youngest is 4-months-old. The family was bolstered by news of a third stimulus payment, but worry set in trying to figure out how to track down their money.

"Coming from the street, we don't really have people that are, you know, in that mindset of being able to work with electronics or even getting something like that setup,” Bovee said. 

Seattle nonprofit Mary’s Place has stepped in to help guests navigate the first, second, and now third stimulus check rollout. 

"We are right there beside them and working with them to change their addresses. Then for many of them, we'll help them track down those stimulus checks for those that are in shelter currently with us,” said Marty Hartman, executive director of Mary's Place. 

The nonprofit helps women, children and families transition out of homelessness. 

Hartman said the process is providing some temporary relief.

"For some, it is paying that down payment to get into an apartment and a new housing solution. We know this is not going to pull people out of poverty, but it's going to help them for today and tomorrow,” Hartman said. 

Bovee said she and her husband have now been able to save for their first and last months' rent, and purchase a car. 

"A huge weight off our chest on having to save that money up, so that's really going to help us get on our feet. Because you know, four bedroom houses aren't cheap nowadays. So, you know, I think that has really saved us,” Bovee said. 

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