CLEVELAND, OH — Get ready for an astounding statistic: the average grooming costs for a dog or cat owner is a minimum of $1,200 per year! We've all been there: tangled fur, unhealthy undercoats, burrs and painful messes for pets.

An unhealthy undercoat for a dog (especially during the change of seasons) can lead to diminished circulation. Professionals can help with this, and there's a tool they use that you can now get for home use for $30.

Used in conjunction with grooming services, the Pur-Pet grooming rake can cut down on the time your dog or cat spends at the groomer, and more importantly, give your four-legged family member a healthier, shinier coat free of tangle.

The Pur-Pet grooming rake is widely considered to be one of the best grooming tools on the market. Your pet gets a massage and you get a soft, smooth and much more shiny fur in minutes.

Click the play button to see the Pur-Pet in action.

- Outperformed all grooming rakes and tools in its class and at double the price

- Perfect fit for all furry pets

- Gently removes loose hair, mats, and tangles

- Makes fur more smooth and soft in minutes

- Improves your pets health: increases circulation from heavy undercoats

- Breaks down knots and mats without scratching pet skin

- Will not pull or cut the fur

- Gently massages pet skin, improving circulation

- Lowest recorded price today

$20 Off Pur-Pet Grooming Brush + Free Delivery

Was: $49.99

Now: $29.99

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