PORTLAND, Ore. -- Legal marijuana is starting to pay off for Oregon.

The state has started to distribute tax dollars collected from legal pot sales. And it totals nearly $85 million.

The reason money is now finally being distributed is because the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, the state agency that governs legal marijuana, had to reimburse the administrative costs associated with setting up the program. The OLCC took out a loan for $13 million to cover initial administrative costs, according to agency spokesman Mark Pettinger.

Background: How Oregon will distribute marijuana money

Now that money has been paid back, the tax revenue can be distributed.

Here's a break down of where the money is going:

  • $34 million will benefit the state school fund.
  • $17 million will go to the mental health, alcoholism and drug services account.
  • $17 million to Oregon cities and counties.
  • $12 million will go to Oregon State Police.
  • $4 million will go to Oregon Health Authority.

The law lays out how the money will be continue to be distributed:

  • 40 percent – Common School Fund
  • 20 percent – Mental health, drug and alcohol treatment programs
  • 15 percent – Oregon State Police
  • 10 percent – Cities (for local law enforcement)
  • 10 percent – Counties (for local law enforcement)
  • 5 percent – Oregon Health Authority