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Got back pain? Try this gadget

If you have back, shoulder or neck pain, this price drop could be for you!

Let me guess: you have back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and you feel like you've tried every option out there. Perhaps you wish you were more flexible or you simply have posture issues.

Millions of Americans live with chronic back pain and in my quest to save you money, I have your back today - literally.

For years, myself and other members of my family have had our share of back issues and one solution is your best bet.

Massages can cost more than $100 and won't help your core. Chiropractors and physical therapists can cost a bundle. Today one simple solution is under $40, portable and something that can be done on your time.

Fitness and lifestyle expert Bruno Roder of "U Turn Fit" put my deal find to the test and had this to say: "This will protect your back. Everybody who walks bipedal has a sore back. It's just a fact of life. We lift something, we snow shovel, you can hurt your back. Use this device at home for just a few minutes per day and it will help you experience relief."

Click the play button to watch Bruno and myself test this gadget.

- Lying on the back stretcher can ease pain and muscle soreness

- Instant relief for joints and your most painful areas

- Applies the precise amount of pressure to ease pressure points

- Increases flexibility and range of motion to help you get fit

- Benefits people of all body types

- Even 2 minutes of use per day can have a big impact on your health

$20 Off Cando Lumbar Back Stretcher + Free Yoga Exercise Strap + Free Shipping

Was: $59.99

Now: $39.99

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