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Easter's top chocolate deal crashes websites

Sponge candy, savings and Easter's top chocolate steal!

Let's start with a warning: prepare for a website crash and a sell-out at any second. For some of you Sponge Candy needs no introduction. Others may need a reminder and when this deal dropped last year, it quickly sold out by the thousands and crashed websites!

What is Sponge Candy?

Sponge Candy is rich, creamy chocolate that surrounds a crispy honeycomb sponge toffee interior that melts in your mouth. The chocolate was first made famous by Fowler's of Western New York, a famous chocolate confectioner since 1910.

The chocolate, made specifically for Easter (and the ultimate host / hostess gift according to many), is in limited production and can be difficult to locate, although there are many knock-offs. The deal I found comes gifting-ready with special packaging and a discount that gets you two boxes at $20 off.

At the time this article was written, a similar price point was listed on Fowler's website but there was an $8 shipping fee added to the total. The deal I found ships free and well in time for Easter. At this price, despite a lot of stock, this deal will sell-out.

$20 Off Fowler's Chocolate Sponge Candy - TWO BOXES + Free Shipping

Was: $49.99

Now: $29.99

**Competing deals do not have free delivery included or two boxes

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