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Washington state is nation's top home value rebounder, experts say

A report from Fiserv and Moody's predicts Washington state will lead the nation in the recovery of home values over next four years.

SEATTLE - Frustrated Western Washington homeowners trying to sell might be getting some offers soon.

A report out Friday from economic forecasters Fiserv and Moody's lists Washington state as the the number-one state in an upcoming rebound in home values.

I hope they're right, said Heidi Dietrich who has been trying to sell her condo for the last year. I hope we're on the way up. It feels like it's been down for a long time, so it's promising.

The predicted numbers are indeed promising. By the year 2014, Seattle home values are expected to rise 25.5 percent.

Tacoma is even higher at 33.1 percent and the top rebounder is Bremerton expected to enjoy 44.7 percent increase by 2014.

The only question for homeowners like Diectrich is: Can they hold on that long? They may not have to if investors decide to buy now and cash in later when the boom arrives.

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