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Click here to access Amazon's top Marvel Toy sale.

Toys, toys, toys! Today we deck the halls with deals all thanks to one of the top toy deals I've seen in a while. I always tell people to avoid making toy purchases until the month of December and generally the weeks that precede Christmas. That's when prices are at their lowest.

With Marvel superheroes in super high demand this holiday season, and with several days of Hanukkah gift giving open on the calendar, today being able to cut your costs by up to 40 percent is a true winner for any wallet.

From figurines to games and even a few bedding bargains for kids still active at the time I'm composing this article, all of these deals of the day are worth a look for kids ages 5 and up!

There's also a sense of nostalgia tied to today's deal. I owned a condo in downtown Cleveland directly beside where Marvel's "Avengers" movie was shot and I watched little kids with their parents trying to get a glimpse of the action during filming. These kids were holding Marvel figurines and now as a parent, this is a moment I could easily see myself sharing with a child one day.

Since this is a deal of the day sale, please keep in mind that stock and prices can change at any moment and that this sale will not be available tomorrow.

Click here to access Amazon's top Marvel Toy sale.

TOP DEAL TO CHECK OUT: 51 percent off Avengers Titan Hero Series 12-Pack Action Figures with free shipping
Was: $109.99
Now: $53.93


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