SEATTLE — Members of the Downtown Seattle Association say they're concerned with "ongoing public safety challenges" in the area where a deadly shooting occurred on Wednesday. 

"The open drug market at Third and Pine, along with the criminal ecosystem it feeds, has persisted for far too long," a statement from the Association reads. "The heart of our city should feel safe and welcoming for all who live, work and visit here, including our many Clean, Safe, Park and Outreach ambassadors who are out in the public realm day in and day out."

Gunfire erupted around 5 p.m. on Wednesday near Third Avenue and Pine Street. One woman was killed and seven other people were injured. 

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The violence appears to have stemmed from a fight along the busy corridor near Westlake Park. Police Chief Carmen Best said the three suspects were involved in an argument in front of the McDonald's and started shooting at each other. One suspect was injured and taken into custody after being treated at the hospital. Two others are still on the loose and are considered armed and dangerous. 

"We now know that the two shooters who wreaked havoc at rush hour were prolific offenders with open warrants and a long history of cycling through the criminal justice system. The impact of repeat criminals on our city is an issue we’ve elevated, with other neighborhood associations and Visit Seattle, over the past year," the statement from the Association reads. 

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