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Mariners' return provides boost for some Seattle businesses

Sunny weather, sports and Easter weekend brought thousands to SoDo, Pioneer Square, the International District and surrounding areas.

SEATTLE — The streets of Seattle's SoDo neighborhood sprung to life during the Mariners' Home Opener weekend, as fans hungry for a win packed T-Mobile Park. 

Farshid Varamini, owner of Gantry Public House and two hot dog stands near the park, says after two years of disruption, business feels almost back to normal.

"As odd as it is to say right now, I think we're almost there," Varamini said. "I started 20-something years ago, and it honestly felt like when we were filling a stadium on a Monday night, when we haven't had that in years."

Varamini started his first businesses close to where the Mariners play for a reason. 

"I am a huge Seattle sports fan," Varamini said. "Down to when I was a kid  Sonics, I'm still waiting for the Sonics to come back. Huge Mariners fan." 

Since he started his first hot dog stands more than 20 years ago, he's seen the ups and downs -- in business, and for the team. 

"I'm optimistic, I actually went to the game, Opening Day," Varamini said. "Team looked great, yesterday was a little bit of a struggle but they had a good pitcher on the mound so I'm feeling good for this season."

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