Alina Guyon, 15, is a West Seattle teen who plans to build a library in East Africa this summer.

"We have almost 5,000 books that have been donated," said Alina.

Her mom, Sheryl, marvels at what her daughter has been able to accomplish. 

"Alina researched the cost on everything and did a business plan," said Sheryl.

The library was manufactured in Salem, Ore. The parts and pieces have been packed up in containers that will be shipped from the Port of Seattle to the Port of Kenya, then delivered to Uganda.

Alina and her mom plan to travel to Uganda in July to help assemble the library and stock the shelves with the books she collected.

"After learning about Uganda and the refugee crisis, I decided sending books to Uganda was the place to go," said Alina. "I would say if you have a dream try to accomplish it. If it is a big, start small and work up to it."

Alina says she received a $25,000 grant from an organization called All the Sky. That money will pay for the library which will be built in an area where there are refugees and Ugandans facing poverty.

In addition to helping others, this project will earn Alina the Girl Scout Gold Award, one of the highest honors a girl scout can earn.