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Men's Loungewear: Comfort is king but, c'mon! Dress it up a little! 😎

Athleisure is the largest growing category in fashion right now - Let's get comfy! #newdaynw

Yes, Athlesiure is the fastest growing category of fashion right now, but there's a big difference between a stylish sweatsuit and those sweatpants with the BBQ stain on them.  Darcy Camden from Styled Seattle has 3 loungewear looks that you can wear anywhere!  

LOOK 1: Business AND Casual

Credit: Nicole Firestone
Men's Loungewear Look 1: Business AND Casual. Step away from grey and black and pick a COLOR in your shirt, like red, green, yellow or pink.

The new normal of WFH involves a Zoom appropriate collared shirt on top, and comfy sweatpants on bottom. We’re all doing it! In fact, this styling has become so ubiquitous that many top designers are incorporating this trend into their spring collections, we even saw it on the runways at New York Fashion Week, which was virtual this year. 

Stylist Tip: Step away from grey and black and pick a COLOR in your shirt, like red, green, yellow or pink. This shirt is from Marine Layer at University Village, which I paired with a basic sweat pant from The Gap, and it’s a nice change of pace away from dark neutrals. Bonus: wearing something cheery and engaging can actually help people pay attention to you if you’re leading a Zoom meeting.


LOOK 2: Monochrome Cozy

Credit: Nicole Firestone
Men's Loungewear Look 2: Monochrome Cozy. Do what Darcy calls "The Over-Under."

Get the look: Monochrome styling involves dressing head-to-toe in shades of a single color (think of a paint sample strip, with variations on a single color ranging from light to dark). Again, we saw this a lot at Fashion Week and it’s one of the biggest street style trends right now.

Stylist Tip: I do what I call "The Over-Under," which  involves taking something very basic, in this case a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants from Banana Republic; then, I layer under it, and I layer over it. Under the sweatshirt is a nice black turtleneck (love them or hate them, they’re really happening in men's fashion right now!), and over the sweatshirt I put a wool car coat. 

LOOK 3: Layered Comfort

Credit: Nicole Firestone
Mens Loungewear Look 3: Layered Comfort. Hoodies are great layering pieces, but when you layer something over a hoodie always pop the hood!

Layering seems easy, but I know men get confused about how many layers they can wear at one time. When I’m putting a menswear look together, I always have at least three if not four layers of tops. For example, our model is wearing a t-shirt, a hoodie and a utility shirt. If wanted to, we could even add a winter jacket to this. 

Stylist Tip: Hoodies are great layering pieces, but when you layer something over a hoodie always pop the hood.

What about shoes?

So many of us have been living in slippers for so long that wearing shoes all day seems foreign. I always think about comfort, function and style—and, especially in Seattle, we need waterproof!  Allen Edmonds, which is a shoe brand most popularly known for dress shoes, really branched out recently and did some awesome looking waterproof boots and shoes that look great and do really well in harsh weather.

Shopping Resources

All items available at University Village in Seattle

Darcy Camden is Founder and Chief Stylist of Styled Seattle: Your Personal Wardrobe Stylist. Photography by Nicole Firestone, Model: Nathan Tom, Seattle Talent.  Watch New Day Northwest 11 AM weekdays on KING 5 and streaming live on KING5.com. Contact New Day.