While print publications come and go, Seattle Magazine has managed to remain a page turner for over half a century.

"You really have to evolve to be relevant for 50 years because otherwise, you're just out with the trash," Says Rachel Hart, Editorial Director for Seattle Magazine.

"Seattle Magazine got its start with a magazine called Pacific Search and it was Dorothy Bullets passion project and over the years it sort of evolved into more of a gloss format and then in the very early 90's it was full on Seattle Magazine," Said Hart.

From politics to trends, hometown heroes and every topic in between, Seattle Magazine has always strived to be a monthly mirror of the city.

"One of my favorite things about the magazine is that they're little time capsules about what's happening in whatever genre it is you're covering whether it's fashion or a city magazine and the look of the magazine reflects what's happening in the city."

So while the demise of print publications may be on the rise, Seattle Magazine's run is far from over.

"There's something permanent about seeing it in print. And I think that's the staying power for a publication like ours."

Seattle Magazine was voted best City Magazine in our 25th annual Best of Western Washington viewers poll.