Jake Browning was selected BEST College Athlete by the voters of Western Washington in 2016's Best of Western Washington contest.

It's been a common sight this season. Touchdown tosses raining from the sky, from the golden arm of Jake Browning. The Husky quarterback, in only his second year at The Controls, is having a historic season. He's on everyone's Heisman Trophy list as possibly the greatest player in the land! The Dawgs have their sights set on a conference championship... maybe even a national championship. But bigger than all of that, Jake Browning is your choice for BEST college athlete.

Way back in fall camp, Browning shows why he stays so sharp.

"You gotta treat it like you're brand new, like you don't know anything," he says. "I think once you lose that mindset, that's when you stop gettin' better."

Jake hasn't stopped gettin' better all season. We'll see how far he takes his team. But at least, no matter what happens, he'll always be able to say he is a Best of Western Washington winner!