The Best of Western Washington 2017 special was shot on location at Honda and Toyota of Seattle in SoDo: the two car dealerships sponsored the annual viewers poll. Michael King talked to Tim Miller, General Sales Manager about the car dealership's motto.

Michael King, Evening: "So tell us, there's something called 'One Price, Simple' what does that mean?"

Tim Miller, General Sales Manager of Honda and Toyota of Seattle: "So we're a one price dealer, and what that means is that we openly post our best, most aggressive price on each and every vehicle."

Michael King: "So you don't have to wonder."

Tim Miller: "Yeah, you don't have to wonder, you don't have to negotiate or spend hours haggling back and forth. It allows the customer to focus on the vehicle that fits their wants and needs, without worrying about the price and what the end price is going to be, because we post that up front for everybody to see, whether it's online or in store.”

Michael King: "That sounds simple, doesn't it?”

Tim Miller: “Very simple!”

Michael King: “Thank you by the way for providing our Grand Prize (a $10,000 gift card to the Honda or Toyota of Seattle Express Store) for Best of Western Washington and for being our partner in this whole contest.”

Tim Miller: “Our pleasure, thank you.”

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