Julie Austin was voted the Best Pet Photographer by the voters of Western Washington for Best of Western Washington 2016!

Julie Austin is a highly-regarded pet photographer in the Puget Sound, having been voted Evening Magazine's Best Pet Photographer the past 4 years, since 2012.

Her journey towards her incredibly rewarding job today started 10 years ago when she worked at a dog rescue and took pictures of homeless dogs to help them find a loving home. She loved how she was able to capture a dog's personality through her photos of them, despite the unfortunate backgrounds they came from.

Julie was also a pet sitter, and made a business out of it. But she really wanted to utilize her education of getting a degree in graphic design and her learned concepts in advanced art classes, so she eventually was able to sell her pet sitting business and pursue pet photography full time.

What makes Julie Austin a different type of pet photographer than others is that she does photography for any pet, while most only do photography for dogs and cats, Julie will be eager to take photos of your precious snake! She also wants to capture your special relationship that you have with your beloved, as more often than not, pet owners are never in the pictures they take of their pets.

Additionally and most importantly, she wants to be in tune with your pet's mood to bring out the best pictures possible, and she is able to do that most of the time with her patient, compassionate and playful methods to photographing.

Julie Austin Photography
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