Borracchini's Bakery was chosen as the bakery with the BEST CAKES by voters of Western Washington in the 2016 Best of Western Washington Contest.

The place that's a Seattle birthday tradition is having a big one of their own this year.

"This is our 95th year in business. I have worked in this building since I was five years old. Because in the Italian family, everybody pitches in and works,” said Remo Borracchini, owner of the bakery that bears his family name.

According to Borracchini - who's had 86 birthdays -- there's one thing you can expect from his place:

"You can expect the finest cake you ever tasted in your life."

Here's why these cakes take the cake.

"We have on our cakes a special frosting that I developed, a combination of whipped cream and custard. Not sickening sweet like shortening and powdered sugar. So it's very palatable," Borracchini explained.

That frosting, plus a longstanding tradition of decorating cakes while you wait, makes Borracchini's 'Sprinkle Central' for many locals.

"Well, my children have been getting birthday cakes here since they were first born. And they're 30 years old now, and now I'm getting them for my grandchildren,” explained a customer who made a trip from Kent to pick up a cake.

Being voted the BEST CAKE in Western Washington is cause for further celebration, and this cake master plans on many more birthdays at his bakery.

“We're 95 years old; I'm 86. I wanna be here for the 100th, I think I'm going to, and if I make it to that, I wanna be around for the 105th. ‘Cuz I've been having a ball. I love what I do!”

Borracchini's Bakery
2307 Rainier Avenue S.
Seattle, WA
206 325-1550