Along the world famous Chuckanut Drive, they call it a farm.

"So just like any other farm on land, we just grow product that grows underwater, which is pretty unique,” said Taylor Shellfish Farm’s Nicole Hopper.

Yes, she does sell sea shells by the seashore at Taylor Shellfish Farms on Samish Bay.

Commercial shellfishing has been happening here since the early 1900's and more than a hundred years later, they're still sorting and washing and bagging by hand.

There's an on-site store that sells shellfish, but also charcoal.

Picnics are encouraged by the lighthouse made of oyster shells.

"On a cloudy, rainy day we have people out here on picnic tables and on a beautiful sunny day, we do too,” said Hopper. “So it really says something that people like to come here and enjoy it."

Taylor Shellfish Farms was voted Best Beachside Seafood Market in the 2017 Best Northwest Escapes viewers poll.