SEATTLE — From the sugar cones made fresh every morning to flavors like Earl Grey, Molly Moon's handmade ice cream has tempted customers since the first location opened 11 years ago.

"What was going through my mind that afternoon was, ‘Oh my god it's working,’ because we had a line around two corners of the block in Wallingford,” said owner Molly Moon Neitzel.

There are now eight locations in the Seattle area.

The brand’s appeal goes well beyond taste.

Each year, Molly Moon's donates 1% of sales or 10% of profits - whichever is greater - to Seattle-area charities.

They offer free health care to employees and their children, and pay 12 weeks of family leave for women and men anytime they bring a new child into their home.

Molly Moon’s also supports local girl scouts in need.

"We buy all of our thin mint cookies for our Scout Mint ice cream from those girls, and this year we're sending nine girls to camp for free this summer who've never been before,” Neitzel said. "I vote with my dollar every day. I would rather shop or get an ice cream cone from a business that I know is doing the right thing in our community."

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