When Alfred Kristoferson bought this farm back in 1912, he had no idea what would be going on here 100 years later.

Alfred's dairy farm has become the zipline playground called Canopy Tours Northwest. Half of the 230-acre property produces certified organic lavender and hay, but the other half is a forest that produces certified organic hootin’ and hollerin’!

When you arrive, the century-old barn looks like a big smiling face. Barney the cat greets you, off you go for a 3-minute ride into the woods!

You become part of the woods as you cruise through the trees leaving your fears in the dust!

Experienced guides make sure you stay safe as you glide effortlessly above it all.

Five generations of Kristoferson’s have run this place. Siblings Kris and Mona grew up here and think zipping will carry them into the future.

“At first, it sounded a little bit like a crazy idea. But then we looked into it, and it turned out to really fit well with our mission here of low impact development, sharing this wonderful resource with others.”

On a clear day, no better way to take in the mountain views. There are six zips including a 660 footer, the state's 2nd longest.

Mona says, sure it's an adventure, but it's a rare extreme activity grandparents can do with their grandkids.

“That's really cool that they all can do something together that's very different and new to all of them, and they can all enjoy it.”

After spending most of the 2-hour tour in the trees, it ends with a 47-foot rappel back to earth.

“When guests do come with a little bit of that, and then they're able to go through the course, push themselves just a little bit. And come off smiling, energized and viewing themselves a little differently than when they came, I think that's pretty exciting.”

Canopy Tours Northwest is the winner of "Best Zipline" in Evening's 2016 and 2017 Best Northwest Escapes viewer's poll.

Canopy Tours Northwest
332 NE Camano Dr. Camano Island, WA 98282
(360) 387-5807