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2020 trends your business should leverage right now

Knowing what's hot is critical for those looking to break through the noise of the media zeitgeist. Trendependent's Vicki Ostrom fills us in on trending trends.

SEATTLE — Trends, trends, trends - we love em at the watercooler but for businesses - it's make or break. Trendependent Editor Vicki Ostrom curates a weekly digest of trends to help businesses make good merchandising decisions that help them break through the "noise" consumers are surrounded by every day. We talked with Vicki about what trends are floating to the top of the zeitgeist in 2020. 

2020 Trending Trends 

  • Cottagecore: An Instagram movement on based on "simple" and "pure" living.
  • "REAL" things: People would rather buy/purchase handmade, authentic items like potter and painting than "perfect" mass-manufactured items. 
  • Rise of Indigenous Influence: More Native Americans in are now in top creative positions as well as a general focus on native food/dress/design.
  • Jewelry is having its Moment: Having to dress above the keyboard is driving a new emphasis adornment with jewelry like, chunky necklaces, mask chains, earrings that border on contemporary art, and crowns.  YES, crowns!
  • Eyes as Artwork: Eye makeup is morphing into something new and different. Now that eyes are all we see above the masks eye makeup is taking on a very "arty" aesthetic.
  • Fashion - in back: Lots of designers are creating high necked modest fronts and exposing backs cut out in interesting ways.

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