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Study: Average national babysitting rate is $16.75/hr

Paying a reliable babysitter can be pricey, but it's a necessary expenditure.
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If you have kids and you want a night out, you already know the drill. 

You'll have to fork over some cash to a babysitter. 

Paying a reliable babysitter can be pricey, but it's a necessary expenditure. 

An annual study from UrbanSitter compares babysitting rates from around the country. Now, you can see if the rates you've been paying are in line with the average in your state and the national average. 

The 2019 study is the 8th annual study on babysitting rates from UrbanSitter. The company studied 28,000 families across the country. 

The study says that more than half of all parents in the country pay a babysitter at least once a month. 

UrbanSitter found the national average babysitting rate to be $16.75 an hour for one child and $19.26 an hour for two children. 

UrbanSitter's study says that the cheapest babysitting rates are found in Las Vegas, while parents in San Francisco pay the most. 

For more information on the study from UrbanSitter, click here.

An article from from the Today Show quotes UrbanSitter's CEO Lynn Perkins.

 In the article, Perkins gives three tips for lowering the cost of your babysitter. 

1. Consider going out on a weekend

2. Give the babysitter less work (pre-feed, pre-bathe, etc.)

3. If your babysitter is a parent, let them bring their kids

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