Christmas and New Year’s are known for spending time with family and loved ones. The season is also considered to be the engagement season and what better to celebrate two lovers committing to one another than taking a look at some of the world’s most famous diamond engagement rings!

Jackie O

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ engagement ring from JFK is an exquisite, one of a kind diamond and emerald ring. With over 5cts of precious gemstones set in yellow gold, the style icon’s ring is now estimated well over $1million.

Elizabeth Taylor

The actress and timeless icon was married a whopping eight times but it is her engagement that Richard Burton bestowed upon her that takes the cake. The formerly known “Krupp Diamond” is an unbelievable 33 carats and the actress made no apologies when flashing her paper weight of a diamond engagement ring. The precious stone engagement ring’s name was later appropriately renamed the “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.”

Marilyn Monroe

Joe DiMaggio was known for hitting them out of the park and he did just that once again with the ring he presented to Marilyn Monroe upon asking her to marry him. The demure design of the ring sported 35 baguette cut diamonds throughout the entire band, a style that remains as iconic as the beautiful actress herself.

Grace Kelly

A simple but classic design, the 10 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring given to Grace Kelly by Prince Rainier III was actually the second ring she received from her loving husband. The original diamond engagement ring was considerably much more modest in size but when the prince realized Kelly’s fellow actresses were donning rings with more “weight”, he promptly made an upgrade worthy of the beautiful actress/princess!

Princess Diana & Kate Middleton

The priceless 12-carat sapphire center stone engagement ring is fully embraced by 14 surrounding diamonds. Prince Charles made Princess Diana the first owner of the gorgeous ring and after her death in 1997, Prince William became the owner. Thirteen years later, Prince William would use that same sapphire and diamond ring to ask Kate Middleton to marry him.

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