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Give the gift of youthful skin with this line of products based on the day's weather

Pour Moi Skincare's newest holiday set keeps the skin looking healthy no matter the time of year! Sponsored by Pour Moi Skincare.

SEATTLE — Research shows that skin reacts to the weather, and it can take time for it to adjust to new climates and changes in humidity and temperature. This evidence is what prompted Pour Moi Skincare founder Ulli Haslacher to create Climate-Smart skincare products. 

“Think of it as anti-aging skincare for your zip code,” Haslacher said. “What we found is that when you customize skincare for the climate you live in and the climates you travel to, you get extraordinary results.”

Pour Moi received two U.S. patents for its geo-moisturization products. Based on medical research, the company created formulas to help the skin balance itself and react well to the climate. You can rotate what day cream you use based on the day’s weather. 

The company also created a solution for the dreaded “maskne” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moisture often gets caught in masks, leading to irritation and inflammation, but Pour Moi's Smart Masks are made to help prevent this issue. 

“The fabric will help skin stay dry, so no more irritation and breakouts,” Haslacher said. 

The Smart Mask and the Climate-Smart Day Creams are part of a holiday gift set specific for Western Washington. The Marine Day Cream included is for cooler days, and the Temperate Day Cream is for warmer, drier weather. Night Cream is also in the gift set to help skin repair overnight. 

Credit: Pour Moi Skincare
The gift set includes 2 rotating Climate-Smart products, Night Cream, Secret Jasmine Flower Mask, a Smart Mask and more (SPECIAL OFFER: $99)

SPECIAL OFFER: Get the Holiday Gift of Youth Set for $99. Regular retail price for products is $215.

The Smart Mask in the set comes with a chain to keep your mask conveniently around your neck. Also included is the Jasmine Flower Mask to help protect your skin against harmful blue light from screens. 

Haslacher says this is a perfect option because “no one ever returns the gift of youthful skin.”

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