LYNNWOOD, Wash. — Things change, yet somehow they still stay the same. Despite the ease of online shopping, the day after Christmas is still considered one of the busiest by retailers for sales and shoppers coming in-person to return or exchange gifts.

Rita Moren of Edmonds was at the Alderwood Mall Thursday doing her post-Christmas returning. 

“I’ve been very fortunate today everywhere I’ve gone, maybe five stores already and there have maybe been two people in line at that,” Moren said. 

KING 5 took a look into the archives and found exactly 39 years ago in 1980, the Southcenter Mall was buzzing with post-holiday shoppers. 

“Well I got Christmas money for Christmas and I decided to spend it,” said one shopper from 1980. 

“Instead of spending it on smaller frivolous items they went straight for fur coats, blazers, and other warm items,” said a store employee back then.

Fast forward to the present day, and Alderwood Mall is bustling with shoppers making their returns and hitting the sales. 

Granted, some brick and mortar shops have not survived the years, with many of them getting beaten out by online shopping giants. 

For instance, Amazon announced a record-breaking holiday season this week, claiming that billions of items were ordered. 

Although it's easy to purchase things with the click of a button, shoppers like Moren still prefer to get things in-person.

“There are a few things I buy online, but when it’s clothing and things like that I kind of like to look at it, touch it,” said Moren. 

The way shopping used to be before there was any other option. 

“We don’t have any young kids at home, so My husband and I have a thing where after Christmas we do ours,” said a shopper in 1980.

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