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Guess who needs help adjusting to your new work from home life ... your pets!

Your pet's structure and routine has been thrown off as much as yours. Trainer Joey Iversen helps us get them settled in to working from home. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — Professional dog trainer and behavioral counselor of Think Spot Dogs, Joey Iversen says our dogs are also feeling the effects of having us at home.

Iversen says that our pets are used to a structure and routine and having us at home has thrown that off. While they are likely okay having their family around far more than usual some activities are limited or not available now like dog park visits and other outings. 

She says mental stimulation, puzzles, and problem solving games are so important to our dogs well being. Iversen mentioned several stimulation games you can put together yourself, including using your delivery boxes.  Hide a treat in one box and stack them up for your pet to discover.

With our new work life, having a productive virtual meeting with bored pets around can be a challenge. Keeping them occupied can help.  Iversen says dogs need to learn how to "settle" after their routines have been changed.

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