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7 Washington state artists that inspire creativity in everyone

Classical dogs, magic metal sculptures, edible art, OH MY! You'll be awestruck by this art from Washington natives

Showing off the Pacific Northwest's artistic side!

There are thousands of talented artists across the state -- all of them inspiring a glimmer of creativity in all of us. From sculptors to painters to food makers, we're highlighting just a few that are are sure to catch your attention. Keep reading hear their stories!

1. Fisherman artist, Tom Crestodina

With the soul of a fisherman and the eye of an artist, Tom Crestodina always loved heading up to Alaska for months on end. To communicate with his toddler, he took his training as a maritime engineer and gave it an artistic twist, telling stories of his onboard adventures with his whimsical renderings featuring cutaways of fishing boats.

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2. Pastry artist, Aliyah Davis

Aliyah Davis' macarons are nothing short of stunning. The pastry chef, who admittedly embraces weird, hand paints each one at Black Magic Sweets. But the flavor is equally the star, as her philosophy centers around creating desserts so good, they can only be magic.  

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3. Collage artist, Lydia Selk

In the colorful collages of Lydia Selk you'll often see glamorous icons from a golden age besieged by swarming geometric forms. She has found an artistic way to tamp down her anxiety. With an Exacto knife and glue, she cuts and pastes her way through troubling times -- all beginning with materials purchased at garage sales.

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4. Sculptor, Anthony Howe

Anthony Howe creates kinetic sculptures -- art pieces that move and shift with the wind. The sculptures come to life at his studio on Orcas Island. He typically uses stainless steel and aluminum to achieve works that last indefinitely. Some of the sculptures on his lawn are over 25 years old. But other Howe originals are all over the world!

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5. Painter, Aramis Hamer

Aramis Hamer feels she is able to harness her creativity through Black Girl Magic. She began her journey as a registered nurse in Seattle, and now paints incredible works on large canvases that represent power, liberation and strength. 

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6. Painter, ZZ Wei

ZZ Wei was born in Beijing, China in 1957 and inherited artistic talent from his father who first exposed him to paintings. His visualizations come from his life's history, including the long journey from Beijing to Walla Walla. 

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7. Dog Painter, Cassidy Robinson

History's greatest masterpieces are nearly perfect in every way, except one/ Not enough dogs. Cassidy Robinson has reinterpreted classical works like Mona Lisa and The Girl with the Pearl Earing to feature our favorite furry four legged friends! She's also published a comical self-help guide that doubles as an adult coloring book.  

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