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Meet a few of the Northwest's Social Media Stars

These 7 Pacific Northwesterners have garnered international attention through their innovative work in the interactive space.

These  7 Washingtonians have garnered international attention on social media because of their innovative projects and passions.

1. The Lake Stevens Disney House

On a cul-de-sac in Lake Stevens, Kelsey Hermanson created her own personal happiest place on earth. "It's our home and we made it magical for us to live in’” she said.

From the moment guests use the Tinkerbell door knocker or hear the doorbell play It’s A Small World, they're welcomed into a home decorated with all things Disney.

"There's a Beauty and the Beast dining room, a Rapunzel room which is our front entry room, we have a Lilo and Stitch living room, we have a Cinderella bedroom, an Aladdin bathroom, an Ariel bathroom, and an Alice (in Wonderland) bathroom. And a princess playroom, and a Lady in the Tramp nursery. And an Enchanted Tiki Room guest room. And I think that's all of them, I'm pretty sure," Hermanson said, laughing.

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2. Stardew Valley, The Best-Selling Video Game

Eric Barone - also known as ConcernedApe - grew up in Auburn, playing video games. One game he particularly loved - Harvest Moon, a farm simulation game that invites players to tend to a farm and start a life in a small town. There was something different about it. It was quieter, simpler.

After Barone graduated from UW Tacoma, he found himself living in Seattle with not a ton of job prospects and plenty of time on his hands. "So, I decided to start making a game, a slightly bigger game, to get better at programming and put on my resume," Barone says.

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3. Owl Kitty, International Artist

Portland's 'Owl Kitty' has appeared in some of the greatest movies ever made such as Jurassic Park, Matrix, Star Wars, and many more.

This screen star's real name is Lizzy. Her work has been viewed more than 50-million times on social media. And yet, this cat stays put.

"She's got fans all around the world and she's never left home," said her owner -- who's also Lizzy's producer and editor, Tibo Charroppin.

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4. Flora Forager, Botanical Artistry

A botanical artist from Seattle is doing a unique twist on the “museum challenge” craze. Bridget Collins uses flowers, leaves and other natural elements from her garden to recreate classic paintings.

More than 200,000 people follow her Instagram account Flora Forager. For years, she’s created images using petals, stems, and other botanicals. But her access to a wide variety of flowers has never been more important to her worldwide following than right now.

"A lot of people have said that it helps them get through, to be able to see flowers online,” she said. "Because they can't go on a walk into the woods or in their neighborhoods. In Seattle, we can, but a lot of people across the world can't do that right now."

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5. Bunny the Talking Dog

Bunny, a one year old Sheepadoodle, is already well beyond mastering commands like "Sit!' and 'Stay!". Bunny is learning to talk. And three million Tik Tok followers are tuning in to watch.

Inspired by speech pathologist Christina Hunger's work with her dog Stella, Devine is teaching Bunny using augmentative and alternative communication devices. “It's a way for nonverbal people to communicate using buttons,” says Devine.

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6. Secret iPhone tricks for creative photography

If you haven't been all that excited about the photos and videos you've been taking on your phone, one of the nation's most prominent iPhone photographers has some tips and tricks.

“Having an iPhone or having any kind of mobile smart device is really like having a production company in your pocket,” says Brian Bosché who works for Seattle-based Smartsheet.

More than 200-thousand people follow Bosche's Tik Tok account for tips on getting the best pictures and videos out of their smartphones. Buzzfeed shared his tips on their Instagram feed.

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7. Creamy and Chewy Boba Doughnuts

Bobae Coffee & Tea in Woodinville is known for their high-quality bubble tea and colorful, delicious drinks - but recently, they've done something incredible. Something out of this world: Boba. Doughnuts.

"One day we got some Bismark doughnuts and we're like, what if we put boba in there?" co-owner Karma Lee says, laughing. They usually offer boba doughnuts once a month on a weekend, with rotating flavors like matcha, brown sugar boba and pumpkin.

"I think it's really fun to put a drinks concept into doughnut form," Lee says. "Doughnuts are always something that's celebrated, for me, in the Western culture. I think bringing in the Eastern culture with matcha and ube is something we can share."

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