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This photographer empowers women with her mystical art

Dawndra Budd uses her photography skills and Photoshop to create ethereal, mystical images that empower her models. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Dawndra Budd is a photographer who delights in the mystical and strange, creating fantastic and otherworldly images.

"I started to notice that women would come to me because it made them feel beautiful," Dawndra says. "I thought, wow, I can help empower women with this."

Through the power of clever shooting and a little Photoshop magic, Dawndra transports her models to another world. And it's not just a way for her models to express themselves.

"It's everything to me. It's something that I have to do, it's a matter of expression,
 Dawndra says. "If I don't do it for two weeks, it's like not eating."

From nature witches to mysterious fog to women exploring abandoned buildings, Dawndra's photography is inspired by the weird and the mysterious. Often times, Dawndra plans the photoshoots for weeks or months beforehand - often working closely with her models and make-up artists to make their collaborative vision a reality.

Credit: Dawndra Budd
Dawndra does both stylized and traditional photoshoots.

Dawndra has two businesses - Dawndra Photo and Portraits by Dawndra. Whether your family is looking for an apocalyptic Mad Max-inspired photoshoot, or a more traditional portrait, Dawndra does both - and no matter what image she's bringing to life, she has one big goal.

"I want them to feel love when they look at their photos," Dawndra says.

Whether it's love for their family, love for themselves, or love for the strange creature Dawndra has unleashed in them.

Credit: Dawndra Budd
Dawndra plans the photoshoots with the models and make-up artists for weeks before the shoot.

To Dawndra and her models, each photoshoot is an experience - something to be remembered and cherished.

"Afterwards you always feel changed," Dawndra. "You usually feel better."

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