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Happiness is in the cards for these Seattle and Chicago-based entrepreneurs

Roya Nourani and Samantha Devermann's Booster Stacks help with mental health during a tough year. Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

You've seen them on social media. Affirmations  -  positive phrases and memes, today's version of the 'Hang in there Baby' poster.

These sayings are helping Roya Nourani get through this year.

"This year has been wild and awful - I went through a really awful breakup right before the first lockdown? And started a new job, my hobby ended with the lockdown, and I started just relying on finding positive quotes on Instagram to get through my day,” said Nourani.

Those bits of brightness gave the Seattleite a business idea:

“A few months later, I thought maybe this is something that would actually help other people."

So she launched ‘Booster Stacks’: a deck of 52 cards, each one with a unique, and uplifting message. For anyone who wants to be dealt a happier hand.

Friend and designer Samantha Devermann of Chicago did the artwork, and added a personal touch.

"I did the hand lettering myself. Each card has own way that I incorporated my own handwriting into it,” Devermann explained, adding that each card was developed with care, and many Excel spreadsheets, Zoom meetings and Google docs were involved as the two friends collaborated.

Part of the deck's appeal? It's analog.

“I think just having the ability to unplug is important lately, also separating from social media and taking breaks from that is really important,” said Nourani.

“We have a card that says “Do more things that make you forget to check your phone’,” added Devermann.

What do you do with these cards?

Whatever you want: Stick them on your mirror for an encouraging word when you’re getting ready to go in the morning, keep them in your wallet, put one on the dash of your car, or give them away to friends.

Booster Stack decks will have different themes, will retail for approximately $20 and are currently available online.

Both entrepreneurs have a favorite card: Devermann’s is this one:

"Be the Person you want to have in your life"

Nourani’s is appropriate to this year in particular:

'You've survived 100 percent of your worst days"

And by laying their cards on the table, they're hoping to help others deal with what has been, and still continues to be, a tough year.

“No matter how bad it's been, there's better stuff ahead, and that message this year has been so important," said Nourani. "I really hope that it gives people just, hope."

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