BUXTON, N.C. -- A new island that practically popped up overnight on the North Carolina coast is getting tourists along with locals excited.

According to Travel + Leisure, the island is approximately a mile long, three football fields wide and located just off Cape Point in Buxton.

Cape Hatteras point and the new sandbar island #capepoint

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Janice Regan told the Virginian-Pilot her grandson Caleb and her searched it over Memorial Day for seashells and aptly named it "Shelly Island" due to their quest's success.

"It was just a little bump in April," Regan said.

But before you grab those picnic baskets and sand castle buckets, be warned: Getting to the island has hazards.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, there is a powerful water flow that rushes between the the tip of Cape Point and the island due to the ocean swell breaking one direction on the east shore and another break on the southern shore.