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Millennials say credit score matters when dating

SARASOTA, Fla. (WTSP) -- Can someone's credit score be sexy? Millennials seem to think so. A study found their top two dating turnoffs are workaholics and bad credit scores.

<p>Some millennials say that another person's credit rating would weigh into whether they would consider a long-term relationship. CBS photo</p>

SARASOTA, Fla. (WTSP) -- Can someone's credit score be sexy? Millennials seem to think so. A study found their top two dating turnoffs are workaholics and bad credit scores.

“Bad credit score. I would definitely agree it indicates you’re not motivated to pave the way for a brighter future,” says Justin Henry, 31.

What does a good credit score say about someone?

“That they’re responsible,” adds Sarah Thompson, 31.

Relationship expert and coach Lisa Daily says this is typical among millennials.

Daily says, “Millennials are interested in authenticity.”

Daily says part of the reason is millennials have had a tough time finding a job after college.

She adds, "The thing with credit scores feels like a real solid data something they can evaluate on but what they’re not thinking is a lot of credit reports have errors in them.”

Is there any kind of debt that millennials find acceptable?

 “I think student loan (debt) not a necessarily bad thing it shows you’ve put your money to good use,” says Justin.

The link between a credit score and romance has led to a dating site called creditscoredating.com. The site has you enter your credit score.

“Seems to be on the honor system,” says Daily. “People don’t have to be honest. There’s a lot of lying on the internet.”

But the dating site says based on its algorithms and matches the credit score is 92% accurate. Niem Green, CEO of creditscoredating.com, says “Our algorithm uses the information received and determines their matches and if what was inputted is true. This has an accuracy rating of about 92%."

“Matching someone based on their dating score is not right … I feel it’s not natural,” says Eve Kay, 22.

The dating site’s CEO says they have an 86%-89% success rate of long-term relationships and marriages using their method. Green has recently released a second book called, “Credit Score Dating: The sexiness of credit.”

Daily says love is more than just about numbers. She says, “When we fall in love with some one it’s not just based on shared values which are important but other things that you can’t put on paper.”

Daily has written 7 books on relationships. Her new book called, “Single Minded,” comes out in June.

Since millennials grew up with technology and online dating, it’s easier for them to move on.  “It creates a disposable culture. You can see how quickly they connect and break up and are less likely to have relationships. They still feel the pressure the traditional pressure to get married."

Unlike Justin and Sarah who are 31, millennials in their early 20s don’t think one’s credit score is all that important.

Eve says, “Because those aren’t the building blocks of a relationship. You should have faith, love, honesty.”

“Anything can bring your credit score down,” adds Eduardo Correa, 23.

Sarah says the time will come when a credit score will matter. She says, “You can’t build a future with somebody if they’re not financially responsible.”

According to the study, millennials say some debt is good such as student loans and 25% tolerate debt up to $100,000.

While the credit score is important, more than half say they wouldn't talk about it until their relationship got serious.

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