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Holiday safety tips: Keeping your Christmas tree from catching fire

If you think you know all there is to know about holiday tree safety, think again.

SEATTLE, Wash. — Every year, we hear the same holiday warnings to avoid a holiday fire. Every year, we see a demonstration of a dry Christmas tree going up in flames. Every year, we think it won't happen to us, but the National Fire Protection Association says a decorated holiday tree is the source for more than 200 house fires each year in the United States.

Here are tips from the Seattle Fire Department to protect your home this holiday season:

- Use three strands of lights or fewer on a Christmas tree. Anything more is a fire hazard because it puts too much power on your tree.

- Do not use frayed, broken, or worn string lights.

- Use low wattage mini lights at 2.5 watts or energy-efficient LED lights. Your lights should always be cool to the touch. Always.

- Always unplug the tree when it's not attended. That means turn off the tree lights when you go to bed or when you leave the home.

- Keep your tree watered. A dry tree is a dangerous tree. Add water to the tree stand every day. 

- Keep your tree at least three feet from heat sources, heat vents, or lights.

- Make sure to keep your tree out of the way from pets and kids. You never know what kids or pets will do, and you don't want them knocking over a tree or getting hurt.

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