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'First come, first served': Shoppers rush to stock up on favorites ahead of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just two days away, and customers are shopping at small, local shops for the holiday meal.

SEATTLE — At Bob's Quality Meats in Seattle, customers started lining up early.

“I didn't think I was going to be able to get a turkey, and I was really surprised that they did have some left,” said shopper Marie Goines.

It's the holiday rush that the butcher shop is ready for, according to Abraham Ackley.

"We started preparations months ahead,” said Ackley.

The business was started 60 years ago by Ackley's grandfather, and today he runs it.

"A few years ago no one was doing anything with the family, last year people started getting together more, and this year there may be bigger get-togethers,” said Ackley. “I think that is reflecting in how people are purchasing."

When it comes to price, the Farm Bureau Survey shows the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is up 20% compared to last year, with turkey costing $1.81 per pound. That is based on volunteer shoppers checking prices during the last couple weeks of October. But more recent data can be found in the USDA National Retail Report that looks at more than 29,000 supermarket outlets. This week the USDA report had whole frozen turkey prices at a $1.00 a pound.

"I think people splurge on holidays maybe a bit, but our birds are the same price as they were last year,” said Ackley.

"I probably paid $15 more today than I would have,” said Goines, who adds that she intentionally spent that money at a small business.

"Because I know it goes directly back into the community,” she explained.

As customers checked off their lists on Tuesday, the butcher shop was getting ready for even longer lines tomorrow.

"At this point it is first come first served, we have got more birds coming in tomorrow to facilitate sort of late comers,” said Ackley.

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