The holidays often mean decorations, lights and trees around the house, but pet owners should be cautious of letting dogs and cats stray too close.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation shared the following tips to keep your pets safe and sound during the holidays.

Christmas trees can be dangerous, especially for cats who have the potential to tip them over if they decide to climb up them. Consider tying your tree to the ceiling or a doorframe using fishing line to secure it.

Lights and ornaments can be harmful for animals with a tendency to chew on non-toy like objects. Broken ornaments can cause injuries, and ingested ornaments can cause intestinal blockage or even toxicity. Keep any homemade ornaments, particularly those made from salt-dough or other food-based materials, out of reach of pets. Electric lights can burn pets who go for the bright cords.

Water additives for Christmas trees can also be dangerous for pets. Don't add aspirin, sugar or anything to the water for your tree if there are pets inside your home.

Tinsel and other holiday decorations can look edible to your pets. Consuming them can cause intestinal blockages, sometimes requiring surgery. Breakable ornaments or decorations can cause injuries.

Flowers and festive plants can also pose a hazard to pets. Amaryllis, mistletoe, balsam, pine, cedar, and holly are among the common holiday plants that can be dangerous and even poisonous to pets who decide to eat them.

Candles should never be left lit with a pet alone in the room.

Potpourris should be kept out of reach of pets. Liquid potpourris pose risks, because they contain essential oils and cationic detergents that can severely damage your pet’s mouth, eyes and skin. Solid potpourris could cause problems if eaten.