ACWORTH, Ga. – Kiah, the yellow Labrador-pit bull mix who 11Alive introduced you to, has added a little pep in her step.

Kiah has been depressed and lonely since she had to undergo life-saving surgery. After the pregnant dog was rescued and put into the care of Caroline Claffey, a volunteer with the Cherokee County Humane Society, she was taken to the vet for evaluation.

Through an X-ray, the veterinarian found old shotgun pellets near her spine, indicating that she had been shot at some point. The vet also estimated that Kiah was 4-years-old and performed an emergency C-section in an effort to save her life—the puppies inside of her had already been dead for several days.

11Alive continued to follow Kiah’s story after her surgery. She fell into a depressed state and was only comforted by stuffed animals that acted as surrogate puppies.

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"When I first put them in her box, I couldn't tell if she liked them or if she was just upset that I was putting things in her box with her. But I went up to check on her a couple of hours later and she had gathered them all close to her and had her head resting on them. And if I moved them she would follow them. So, that's helping her a little bit," Claffey said.

When 11Alive first aired Kiah’s story, the GoFundMe Claffey set up for her medical expenses had raised $1,925 of $1,000 of its goal. Now, four days later, the page has reached over $4,265.

Not only has the outpouring of support for Kiah been felt, but the pup's emotional health has improved.

Claffey posted Kiah’s ‘happy dance’ on YouTube showing that a little love can go a long way.