A doctor is getting praised for going above and beyond to make sure that his patient can see over the holiday season.

Dr. Yosef Gindzin of Grand Rapids Ophthalmology opened his office on a Saturday to help a patient who had missed an important eye injection to treat wet macular degeneration.

According to a Facebook post from Love What Matters, Marie Havenga's mother Lillian had been in the hospital for a few days and missed her very crucial appointment. Due to having wet macular degeneration, if Lillian goes longer than four weeks without her eye injections, her eyes could bleed and her vision could be permanently lost.

Lillian, 95, already lost her vision on her left eye, and Dr. Gindzin has been working to preserve vision in her right eye. Dr. Gindzin had no problem opening his office on Saturday so he could give the her injection, but because the parking lot isn't plowed on the weekends -- her wheelchair couldn't make it through the snow to the door.

That didn't stop Dr. Gindzin, who lifted her from her chair and carried her into the office.

His compassion and dedication to his patients really touched Havenga and Lillian, who will now be able to see over the holidays.