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Celebrate tea time infused with Filipino flavors

Lola's Traveling Tea Party in Seattle delivers English or Filipino-inspired tea boxes to doorsteps. #k5evening

SEATTLE — If you want to have a traditional tea party without leaving your house, a family-run business in Seattle has just what you need.

Lola’s Traveling Tea Party offers English and Filipino-style tea menus, and delivers to doorsteps.

"Lola means 'grandmother' in tagalog, and she's actually our mom. She's the inspiration for us and it sort of was a passion project for her,” said CEO and Culinary Director Annaliza Valdez. "We have the traditional English menu which is just your classic tea sandwiches and scones, and then we also wanted to incorporate our heritage and infuse Filipino flavors.”

She operates the business with three other women, connected by family, friendship, and a shared love of laughter.

Credit: Lola's Traveling Tea Party
Customers can choose between English or Filipino-inspired tea menus.

"I think it's a natural Filipino thing to just have jokes at the ready,” said Creative Director Michelle Trenter.

Each box is stocked with handmade delicacies, meticulously decorated and presented with coordinating napkins, flatware, flowers and tea.

What makes the experience truly unique is the selection of island flavors.

"Longganisa is a sweet sausage for the Filipino community,” Trenter said.

There are also ube scones, Filipino steam buns, pandan shortbread cookies, and coconut cakes dipped in white chocolate and covered with toasted coconut.

"We enjoy baking the desserts and making the savory goods and being able to share it with everyone,” said Procurement Director Marivic Quintanilla.

Just as carefully as they are prepared, each tea box is also personally delivered to customers’ doorsteps.

"I think it's important for us to celebrate who we are,” Valdez said. "Part of Filipino culture is sharing food. The first thing a family member will ask you when you visit is, 'Have you eaten yet?' That is what we want to give to everybody - that feeling of giving love through food."

Lola's tea boxes are available for holidays and during pop-ups. 

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