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Get sticky rice delivered straight to your door in Seattle

Sticky Treats & Sweets delivers delicious sticky rice straight to your door if you live in Seattle.

SEATTLE — Sticky rice comes in many forms, but sweet sticky rice is an addictive favorite for many. And if you're craving this delicious Thai dessert but don't want to leave your home, no problem! Sticky Treats and Sweets has you covered.

Couple Tanner and Erin run the business - before COVID-19, they sold most of their sticky rice at farmer's markets. Now, they're pivoting to delivery. They'll deliver sticky rice straight to your door if you live in Seattle - and it's free delivery, including West Seattle!

They deliver on Fridays and Saturdays, and you need to order at least two sticky rice jars per delivery.

Credit: Sticky Treats and Sweets
Couple Tanner and Erin run Sticky Treats and Sweets together.

The sticky rice arrives at your door frozen in a reusable glass jar. All you have to do is let the rice thaw for 30 minutes, pop off the top, throw it in the microwave, a voila! Hot, delicious sticky rice.

The have flavors like coconut, black sesame and matcha green tea. They always recommend a scoop of coconut ice cream to go with any of the flavors, along with their crumble topping or blueberry compote. All jars come with the crunchy topping on the side.

Although mango and sweet sticky rice is a common sight in Washington, Sticky Treats and Sweets stays away from the fruit. Tanner and Erin want to introduce people to sticky rice deserts beyond what you usually see in the United States. As they write on their website,

"Our treat is a twist on something you will often see in the north or northeast of Thailand: when the 'ice-cream man' shows up (usually on a motorcycle with a sidecar for the ice-cream and a big umbrella on a pole), he will have a choice of additions: crushed peanuts, sticky rice, condensed milk, sesame seeds, etc. You tell him what you want with your ice cream, and he'll serve it all to you in a cup — or in a hot-dog bun (yes, you read that right).

Our version flips that upside-down, putting the sticky rice first with the ice cream on top. We've prepared the rice all sorts of ways never before seen in Thailand, while the ice cream is always the best coconut from Lopez Island Creamery."

Credit: Sticky Treats and Sweets
Their traditional coconut rice is great topped with a scoop of ice cream and their crunchy topping.

Both the sticky rice and all of the toppings are gluten-free and vegan unless noted otherwise. Because they come in mason jars, you can return them to Sticky Treats and Sweets for a 50-cent discount on your next order.

Tanner and Erin aren't the only ones in charge of this sticky rice empire - Tanner's mom, Kat, is known as the "sticky rice mom". She's been experimenting with sticky rice deserts for years, so it's safe to say that sticky rice greatness runs in the family!

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