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A Seattle duo is spicing up life with their chili oil

Jia You! La You! chili oil is the spicy, flavorful condiment you can pretty much put on anything!

SEATTLE — If you need something to warm you up this fall, chili oil is the spicy condiment of your dreams - and Seattle business Jia You! La You! is whipping it up and shipping it out.

Chili oil is spicy, salty, garlicy deliciousness - an addictive condiment that Jeanette and Aryton are sharing with the masses.

"When we met last year, I had him try the chili oil," Jeanette says. "We put it on everything, and he was eager to have other people try it."

They've been making it since September 2020. You can buy it by messaging their Instagram page, or shopping on Etsy.

Credit: Jia You! La You!
Chicken, noodles, vegetables - the chili oil goes on pretty much anything!

The chili oil is a blend of dried chili, garlic, hot oil and salted dried fish. The name of their business, Jia You! La You!, speaks for itself.

"In Chinese, jia you means 'to add oil', but it's also a saying that means 'keep fighting'," Jeanette explains. "And la you is 'spicy oil'. So in a sense, it means to keep adding chili oil."

And after giving it a good stir, that's exactly what you'll want to do, whether it's on noodles, meat, or straight from the jar. Don't worry - I won't tell anyone!

Credit: Jia You! La You! 2
Chili oil, dumplings, and black vinegar - what more do you need?

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