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Seattle pastry chef delivers 'magical' macarons with an artistic twist

Aliyah Davis fuses visual art with baking to create "Black Magic Sweets" #k5evening

SEATTLE — Aliyah Davis' macarons are nothing short of stunning. The pastry chef, who admittedly embraces weird, hand paints each one. But the flavor is equally the star, as her philosophy centers around creating desserts so good, they can only be magic.  "I started painting and drawing when I was little, then the parental, 'what's your career going to be?' so food, then I get to paint on it, mix them both," said Davis. 

Davis rolls out new flavors every month, like Pear and Jalapeno, Banana Foster, or Lemon Cheesecake.  "I like change. I get bored quickly and I think other people do to and sometimes customers give me fun suggestions," Davis said.  She often infuses her macarons with various teas and sources honey Northwest local farmers. 

Black Magic Sweets doesn't have its own brick and mortar yet, but community spaces like Greenwood's Makeda and Mingus have offered them a temporary home. Cafe owner Prashanthi Reddy regularly features local artists. "Our prompt is magic through art and how does magic move through you and through your art?" said Reddy.  

Reddy added that being able to showcase local artists, who are passionate about their craft, gives her Greenwood cafe a clubhouse feel. "It's like we are art people just all here doing what we love, said Reddy. 

Like a lot of restaurants, Black Magic Sweets and Makeda and Mingus are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. But they are both open for business and hopeful they can continue nurturing the treasured community they've helped create.

Place an order by sending an email to Orders@BlackMagicsweets.com 

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