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Tacoma family creates board game to tackle financial literacy

"Success Factors" gamifies goal setting, investing, and financial planning. #k5evening

The inspiration for the game Success Factors came from a personal place for co-founder Korbett Mosesly.

His eldest son Kaison was starting his senior year of high school and he was desperately trying to find a way to teach some important life lessons.

"We were having conversations with the boys about what they wanted to do in life and their career plans. The reality of how much things cost and how much they would need to earn to live where they want to live and have the kind of life they want to live. I was trying to figure out how to gamify it and how to keep practicing and keep having the conversation," explained Mosesly.

So Korbett made creating this game a family project -- engaging all three of his sons in the process. 

Kaisean, Andre and Deanon helped with everything from product design and game rules development, to packaging and shipments.

The goal of the game is to not only create financial assets through savings and investments but to have an impact on your community. A player's choices also make a huge difference. The game begins with players choosing whether to start school or start working immediately. 

Players are also thrown curveballs along their journey. 

"Curveballs are based on real-life situations good and bad.  Some curveballs are grandpa just died and left you 600 thousand dollars or you bought a car that was old and 6 days later it breaks down," explained Andre. 

The game launched in October of 2020 and it comes with QR codes and workbooks that help players dive deeper into various financial topics. 

And through this process, his sons got the message loud and clear. 

"I learned about fico scores, credit, stuff I didn't know before.  I also learned about business," said Andre.  

The Mosesly brothers will be selling Success Factors at Tacoma Farmers Markets this summer. You can also buy the game online. 

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