PORTLAND, Ore — The spirit of giving didn't end with Christmas at the Goodwill Superstore in Southeast Portland.

"It's this time of year we see the most in donations, the last two weeks of the year actually, are our busiest weeks," said Dale Emanuel, a spokesperson for Goodwill.

A steady stream of cars pulled through the donation center on the side of the building Thursday morning. Some excited to de-clutter their homes, others looking to get one more tax incentive before the new year, but everyone wanted to give their donated items a new life.

"It's just one of those things that feels good to make sure that what you've got can be used for another round," Eliot Wajskol said. Wajskol rented a van to bring in a couch and a few other pieces of small furniture.

"Seeing things have more use, getting more life rather than just dumping it in a landfill, it just makes good sense," said Noel Henneman.

By the end of the year, this store expects to handle over 259 million pounds of donations in 2019. It's stacked, sorted, and sold- going right back into the community.

"Last year if you gave to us or shopped with us, you helped us provide more than 500,000 free job services in the 24 counties we serve." Emanuel said. "So you’re just doing a whole bunch of good with just one carload."

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