We did it. Hallelujah we actually did it. Traveling with kids is difficult and moving with them is even harder but if you prepare, stay organized, and keep it FUN, all should go well ... theoretically.

We made the big leap from Austin, TX to Seattle, WA for a new job. The first thing we decided to do was tell the kids that we were moving away in the best way possible: by making it a game.

"Hey kids guess what? We're moving to Seattle! It's going to be so much fun! You're going to love it! We're going to have so many adventures, we're going to be able to go hiking and camping, play in the snow and see mountains all the time."

They immediately hopped on board with the idea. Even though this was the only home they've ever known, they seemed to be excited about it. We tried to prolong this as long as possible so we started a month early. Sold some furniture, had garage sales, starting packing, etc.

Our last night in our home was the most surreal. Everything had been broken down and packed in the moving truck, and we all slept on the floor. There were moments of tears and laughs as we told stories with our friends. We tried to keep everything as fun as possible. It helped the kids and it helped us.

My first tip of advice is, if you're going to be traveling long distances like we were in this case, get the kids a flight. Don't put them through that long drive, trust me. Unless you have about two weeks and will be stopping along the way (that would be fun) try and keep it as short and sweet for them as possible.


PACK WISELY: Remember where you pack their belongings and keep everything accessible. The moment one of your kids says "Daddy I want Teddy" and you don't have teddy handy ... get ready for a melt down. Try to limit those as much as possible.

PLAN FOR EXTRA TIME: You may think it will only take you (x) amount of hours to get to your destination. It will take longer. Much longer if you're driving your own truck. If you're driving yourself and you're bringing the kids with you, plan for many more stops and breaks. They can't stay in the car that long without getting restless.

HAVE PATIENCE WHEN UNPACKING: It can be stressful when moving into a new place. You don't know where everything is and you just want your house to get back to normal. Take breaks and make sure your kids are having fun too. If this is stressful on them, it'll make your life way more stressful in the long run. Let them play with the boxes, get into things, and enjoy their time. Keep them distracted.

Remember: Look forward to the adventure, keep it fun, and don't let the little things bother you. Everything works out in the end. Enjoy :)