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25 terns rehabilitated by PAWS after dozens were injured amid heat wave

PAWS is caring for 321 birds in all, including many hawks, falcons and eagles, in addition to the terns taken in during the heat wave.

SEATTLE — Around 25 terns were rehabilitated and returned to the wild after Seattle's extreme heat wave led many juvenile birds to jump off an industrial roof in an attempt to find cooler shelter. 

The extreme heat led many birds to flee rooftop nests, but since the young birds can't fly yet they plunged to the pavement below, according to investigators with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. As many as 90 birds are believed to have died. 

PAWS wildlife center received about 50 birds. Around 25 have been returned to the colony so far.  

PAWS is accepting donations to help with the care of the tern colony, many of which are severely dehydrated, have burns on their feet and are badly bruised. 

In total, PAWS is caring for 321 injured and orphaned animals including the terns taken in during the heat wave. Eleven cooper's hawks, eight eagles, six red-tailed hawks, four merlins, four barred owls, three barn owls a peregrine falcon and a sharp-shinned hawk are currently being rehabilitated.