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Seattle Humane in need of foster families for puppies from Oklahoma

The dogs were exposed to parvovirus during their trip from Oklahoma to Seattle. Seattle Humane is looking for foster families to help during a mandatory quarantine.

SEATTLE — Seattle Humane has an "urgent need" for foster families after receiving dozens of dogs and puppies from Oklahoma as part of a life-saver rescue program. 

The shelter takes in dogs from shelters that may be at capacity or are slated for euthanasia in other parts of the country. The shelter originally only planned to take 12 dogs, but as the dogs were making the trip from Oklahoma to Seattle, one puppy became very sick and had to be taken to an emergency veterinary clinic where the puppy tested positive for parvovirus.

Parvovirus is highly contagious and can be especially dangerous for unvaccinated dogs and puppies younger than four months old. The virus is spread by direct, dog-to-dog contact, and contact with contaminated feces, environments or people, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Because all of the dogs on the trip were exposed, Seattle Humane ended up accepting seven dogs and 37 puppies to quarantine in several of the shelter's dorms, away from the healthy, adoptable pet population, due to the shelter's ability to provide urgent, life-saving care. 

Some puppies were able to move forward in the adoption process due to their vaccination history, but many others need to be quarantined for two weeks from the time of their exposure, according to the shelter. The puppies range in age from two weeks old to six months old. 

Seattle Humane is asking anyone interested in joining the Rescue Squad to sign up to volunteer or foster on their website

The easiest way to avoid parvovirus is to get dogs vaccinated against the disease. Seattle Humane is hosting a free vaccine and wellness clinic on Saturday, May 21 in North Bend. 


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