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Teenage photographer captures magnificent images of Washington's wildlife

Mason Maron shares some tricks on how to get animal photos. #k5evening

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Teenage photographer, Mason Maron captures Pacific Northwest wildlife in a stunning way. His favorite subjects are usually mammals, but to get their photo requires some fortune. One of Mason's luckiest days was when he went to Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, and then out to Westport out of the coast.

"I saw a coyote, walk in the grass, right there. Kind of walking up to the grass and peering back at us," recalled Mason.

Credit: Mason Maron

Unlike mammals, birds are easier to find. Mason collects a portfolio of birds photography such as Anna's Hummingbird, Common Yellow Throat, Song Sparrow, the tiny Western Screech Owl, and many more.

Credit: Mason Maron
Anna's Hummingbird

"Personal favorite of mine is usually Cooper Hawk because it's a very slim small Hawk. They're really hard to find."

Credit: Mason Maron
Cooper's Hawk

Every photo that he posts on his Instagram account always comes along with a story. He's been trying to capture this Sooty Grouse for three years now.

There are tricks that Mason uses to get photos of birds -- usually by a birdcall called a pish. "Songbirds would usually respond, just by kind of popping out and see what's making it," he explained.

There are places where you can encounter wildlife. Birds usually love places that have a lot of people. For example at Edmonds, along the Pudget Sound, "You think the birds are scared, they just kinda hang out in front of you."

Other destinations where you can find wildlife are Mount Rainer and Olympic National Park. "There is a lot of cool habitats out there -- that makes a lot of good photos. That's also an area that you would see a lot of big mammals," shared Mason.

The main challenge to get wildlife photography is just timing and luck. You'll never know when you'll get a good shot.

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